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Safety and Health, Brought Together

We are the UK's specialists on the Vivago Care Watch system. Protecting vulnerable people and preserving independence.

Vivago Care 8001 Watch

Vivago Care Watch

Vivago Care 8001 Watch

Prevention and Detection

The Vivago system is a comprehensive yet unobtrusive solution for keeping elderly and vulnerable people safe, well and independent. By continuously monitoring a person’s wellbeing, Vivago is able to combine the benefits of telehealth and telecare, providing alerts and information for analysis. Vivago is already monitoring over 100,000 people in their homes, in care and in hospitals.

Vivago at Home

Vivago is the perfect way of keeping relatives safe and independent as it provides an early warning of a decline in wellbeing, allowing timely intervention without constant and unnecessary intrusion. It is by far the best solution available today. Read more

Vivago in Healthcare

The Vivago system is a major leap forward in both targeting and quality of care, giving care professionals a powerful tool for monitoring general wellbeing and the outcomes following intervention. Its applications are many and varied. Read more

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