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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the watch last on one charge? And how long does it take to charge?

The watch needs to be charged every 2-6 months. It takes approximately one hour to charge fully. The watch lets the wearer and all app users know that the battery is running low well in advance.

How does the watch communicate with the base station?

The watch uses radio to communicate to the base station.

How does the base station work?

The base station uses the GSM network to send information to a server, where it is then collected by the Vivago Vista software.

I am interested in the watch for somebody who lives in an area with poor phone reception. Is this going to be an issue?

Our SIM cards work on any phone network in the UK, so it's very unlikely that this will cause an issue. However, there are other options available if signal is found to be unreliable. Contact us to talk about the options.

How much data does the base station use?

Usually less than 30mb per month. Note however that we charge a flat rate for the SIM/GSM services regardless of how much data is used.

What happens to Vivago if I get a powercut?

The base station contains a battery which lasts for around 15 hours.

How can I purchase Vivago?

Please contact us so that we may discuss your individual requirements and provide you with an accurate quote.

What's the maximum range of the watch?

This can depend on a number of factors such as the thickness of the walls in the house or care facility and what they are made of. For most houses and flats, a single DomiPOINT base station will be fine.

What if the watch wearer lives in a house big enough to cause range issues between the watch and the base station?

If range problems are encountered, we recommend a second base station. It is best to place the two base stations strategically to cover the entire property.

Regarding the circadian rhythm and wellbeing Vivago alarms, what happens if someone is already in a bad condition with no 'healthy' past data to compare it with? Will I still know if my relative or patient's condition is improving or declining?

One of the most innovative features of the watch is that it does not base its alarms on a 'baseline' person - there is no such thing! We are all different and as a result, the watch will build up unique, personal data of the wearer and will use that to determine whether their state of wellbeing is improving or not. This makes the Vivago solution highly effective at detecting positive or negative changes in the wearer's wellbeing, because it is tailored to them and only them.

What happens if the watch wearer falls but is not seriously hurt? Will the alarm still trigger?

The Vivago Watch is not a traditional fall detection device. If a person falls and is knocked unconscious, the watch will detect no movement and sound an alarm. If the button is pressed by the wearer but they decide that they are no longer in need of help, a second press within a short time frame will cancel the alarm. The cancel feature can be disabled if required.

What if the watch wearer is already asleep and falls unconscious?

Thanks to the Watch's ability to pick up macro movements it is able to tell the difference between sleep and unconsciousness. Those at risk of falling unconscious while asleep can rest with peace of mind.

I sometimes keep my phone on silent. How will I know if I receive a Vivago alarm?

We can guide you through the process of setting up notification exceptions on your phone. This way, Vivago alarms can sound at full volume even if the phone is on silent.

What happens if I walk out of the room when I get a Vivago alarm notification on my phone? Does it sound more than once?

Yes. The alarm will repeat itself every minute until it is acknowledged by the app user or care professional.

The Vivago graphs are very detailed. How do I make sense of them?

We can teach you everything you need to know about the graphs and how to interpret them.

Does the watch work with other telecare products?

Yes. Vivago is compatible with many major Telecare products.

Besides Vivago, are there other products that you recommend for protecting my friend/relative/client?

Besides from illness or a decline in wellbeing and the consequential risk of falling, one of the most significant risks to vulnerable people is cooking fires. If a hob is left on inadvertently a kitchen fire can occur within minutes. For this reason we recommend the Safera Airis stove guard which dramatically reduces the risk of stove top fires, allowing the user to cook for themselves safely without intruding. Airis is also supported by telecare and building management systems and can report on how frequently the cooker is being used and whether it is cutting the power supply to the cooker - a useful indicator of the user's state of mental and physical health. For more information click here.

How long is the warranty on the watch?

The warranty on the Vivago system is valid for two years.

Is the watch really a viable alternative to a care home?

This will depend on the person who will be wearing the watch. In many cases, however, the watch has enabled the wearer to be independent for longer thanks to the high quality of monitoring the system offers. As seen in the case studies, using the graphs for analysis has enabled healthcare professionals to make informed decisions which has led to many wearers enjoying an improvement in their health, keeping them independent for years longer than would otherwise be possible.

How will the watch help my relative's carers?

Please see our case studies for real examples.

Is the watch waterproof?

The watch is waterproof and can be worn in the shower or bath. However it is not suitable for saunas or other very humid conditions.

Is Airis suitable for elderly and vulnerable people living alone?

Yes, in fact this is one of its most common uses. In addition, Airis can report alarms and cooking habits to the Vivago system if both are installed.

Can Airis be installed in institutions such as sheltered/assisted living complexes?

Yes. Please visit our partners Unicook for further information.

How easy is Airis to install?

Airis is very simple to install. It takes an electrician around 30 minutes, after which no further input is required from the user.

Can I use Airis for my gas cooker?

Airis is not currently available for gas cookers. A gas version is in development, but we don’t have a date for launch at this point. The gas version of Airis will require a cooker/hob with a flame monitoring device (FMD) – something that is factory fitted to prevent accidental gas leaks if the flame goes out. Many gas cookers and hobs currently in use do not have a FMD. For elderly and vulnerable people, we believe a halogen type might be a more appropriate choice as it provides an easy-to-control heat source. While induction hobs have some useful safety features, they carry an increased risk of pan fires due to their higher power/efficiency. They also generally have electronic controls which elderly or vulnerable people might find difficult to operate.

Why is Airis better than a suppression hood?

Airis doesn’t extinguish a fire, it prevents it! More importantly, it will prevent dangerous toxic smoke. A pan with oil may reach a high temperature and catch fire, but generate a large volume of deadly smoke for a considerable time. Airis will cut off the power before a substantial amount of toxic smoke is created, whereas a suppression hood will not react without flames. By this time, it could be too late.

What maintenance does Airis require?

None. Just wipe the sensor occasionally. If it gets too dirty, Airis will prevent cooking.

How long will Airis last?

Airis has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. The sensor batteries (2 x AA) will last around 4 years, and they are replaceable.

How does Airis connect to telecare?

Airis has an output suitable for connecting standard telecare devices. It also allows for the reporting of alarms and cooking habits to the system. This can provide valuable additional insight into a person's mental condition.

What are the dimensions of the Airis controller?

The controller is 225.5mm in length x 113mm in width x 42mm in height.

Can I download the manual for Airis?

You can download manuals for Airis here.

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