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Safera Airis - Protecting the Elderly and Vulnerable from Cooking Fires

The Safera Airis stove guard prevents cooking fires, enabling the elderly and vulnerable to cook safely and remain independent.

Stovetop Fires and How to Prevent Them

If someone knocks on the door, the phone rings, or the person has fallen asleep, cooking will be left unattended. It can take less than two minutes for a pan's temperature to develop from safe levels into a fire. During this time, toxic smoke - the biggest cause of fire-related deaths - is produced. Just two breaths can be enough to render someone unconscious.

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Please note: Airis is currently only available for electric cookers and hobs. For advice on gas cookers please see our FAQ page.

Airis on hood or wall
Airis is a small device that attaches to the cooker hood or the splashback behind the cooker
East Sussex Fire Service on stove guard technology
Please note: Airis is currently only available for electric cookers and hobs

Why Airis?

  • Prevents stovetop fires
  • Uses multiple sensors to detect when a risk of fire is developing
  • Automatically disconnects the electricity supply to the hob if dangerous temperature is detected, or if the hob is left on after cooking
  • Vulnerable people can continue cooking for themselves, while their relatives and carers can rest assured that they are safe
  • Does not affect normal cooking behaviour - gives the user the freedom to cook as they always have done

Why Us?

Our partner company Unicook are the UK's leading experts on the Safera Airis stove guard. Together, we offer personalised advice for you when you buy an Airis unit from us. After-sales support is on-hand should you have any questions.

For purchases of over five Airis units, please contact Unicook who will be able to offer advice and tailor your order according to your needs.

Protection without Restriction

Unlike smoke alarms and fire containment devices, Airis uses multiple sensors to detect the risk of fire and prevent one from starting. Other detectors, sprinkler systems or fire containment hoods require a fire to have started before they function.

By the time a fire has started and the smoke alarm has gone off or a containment system has put out the fire, there will already be a significant amount of highly toxic smoke and possibly fire damage too. In the case of a traditional sprinkler system there is also a risk of water damage and a significant amount of work needed before the resident can return.

Many safety devices rely on a timer or motion detection to prevent a dangerous situation. Unfortunately neither of these are reliable solutions; a timer set to just five minutes will allow an oil pan to go from a safe cooking temperature to a dangerous fire. A motion detector can often fail to notice that he or she is still in the room but moving very little - reading a book or watching the television, for example. This can also be a source of frustration for the resident and a fire may start even if the resident is present in the room!

Safera Airis is the safest and most unobtrusive solution because it relies on multiple sensors to detect the risk of a fire without affecting the user's ability to cook as normal. This gives the user the freedom to cook as they always have done while remaining safe in the knowledge that Airis will prevent a dangerous situation from developing.

Any person who is forgetful, at risk of a fall or sleeps during the day should be protected by Airis.

For more information on Safera Airis please visit Unicook.