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Vivago - an Innovation in Healthcare Monitoring

Vivago in Healthcare

The Vivago Care Watch has more than 50,000 users in over 500 sheltered housing facilities, hospitals and care homes across Europe.

Care Homes and Hospitals

Vivago is used in institutions across the whole healthcare sector. Its applications include:

  • Access control on a user-by-user basis
  • Door use detection to determine each user's movements
  • Geofencing - allowing users to venture outside within boundaries set by the customer
  • Custom user-specific alarms. For example to warn care staff that a patient/resident is just about to get up in the night to go to the toilet, enabling them to provide assistance
  • Early warning of hypothermia
  • An early warning system that informs staff of sudden or gradual changes in the wearer's wellbeing
  • Alarm buttons accessible by the user no matter where they are
  • Tracking of the wearer's location within a building
  • Exact location of the user if they leave the premises
  • Additional assurance for relatives of the wearer
  • Auditing of nurse activity and the confirmation of nurse visits
  • The ability to check whether a user is asleep without having to enter the room and disturb them
  • Direct voice connection to every user's room
  • To confirm whether actions taken have improved the person's quality of life, for example following a change of medication, the encouragement of a daily walk or the application of light therapy
  • To provide relatives of wearers with a custom wellbeing report
  • To provide relatives of wearers with evidence of improved wellbeing activity changes or nurse visits
  • To verify the wearer's accounts of their wellbeing as well as their quality of sleep and their level of activity, removing the need for reliance solely upon the wearer's perspective, by providing clear, non-subjective and quantitative data for assessment
  • Placing alarm pull cords and custom buttons wherever they are needed
  • Continuous recording of valuable wellbeing data which can be referred to whenever needed
  • To protect residents from cooking fires and enable cooking to be monitored and changes in cooking patterns to be automatically reported (visit Unicook for more information)
  • Information available at the fingertips for care staff on the go using the Vivago Mobile or Tablet app
  • The ability to compare a user's condition to the last 7-day, 3-month and 6-month period and create custom reports over required time-frames when required