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Safety and Independence For Vulnerable and Elderly People

How can Vivago Help?

Vivago is a new approach to helping vulnerable and elderly people maintain their independence and wellbeing. More than a safety product, it actively monitors its wearer and reports on any changes in activity that could be signs of mental or physical decline or illness. People can be monitored by a call centre, by relatives and carers, or both.

Vivago's applications are almost limitless. Its advanced technology enables it to detect the onset of illness, reduce the likelihood of falls, produce automatic and clear wellbeing analysis, track sleep and daily activity levels and monitor circadian rhythm - more information can be found below.

Wellbeing, Safety and Health Features of Vivago

Thanks to the Care Watch's unique monitoring technology, its uses are varied and many. Typical benefits of having Vivago around the home include:

  • To know how active the person is
  • To know if the person is at home or out of the house
  • To prevent hypothermia
  • To provide an early warning system that will notify of the onset of illness
  • To give relatives and care practitioners an effective tool for tracking the stages of a degenerative illness and support better planning for care as needs change
  • To prevent falls
  • To give the wearer and relatives peace of mind by providing an automatic alarm in the event of unconsciousness for any reason, even if the wearer was previously asleep
  • To provide the person with an emergency button that they always have with them
  • To know when the person is sleeping and to see the quality of their sleep
  • To confirm whether actions taken by relatives or care professionals have improved the person's quality of life, for example following a change of medication, the encouragement of a daily walk or the application of light therapy
  • To provide supplementary communication for a person with a mental health condition or inflicted by degenerative disease such as dementia
  • To verify the wearer's accounts of their wellbeing as well as their quality of sleep and their level of activity, removing the need for reliance solely upon the wearer's perspective, by providing clear, non-subjective and quantitative data for assessment

Fire Prevention, Location Tracking and More

The Vivago system can be expanded to provide other features and enable the solution to be tailored according to the wearer's specific needs. These include but are not limited to:

  • Location tracking
  • Additional alarm buttons around the home, for example a pull-cord in the bathroom or a bedside alarm
  • Bed occupancy detection
  • Complete protection from stove-top fires without affecting the wearer's ability to cook freely. For more information visit Unicook
  • Knowing when and how often the wearer is cooking

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